TEP often donates used equipment and furniture that still has useful life to charities that really need and appreciate these items.

One of our in-kind donations that is still making a “huge” difference more than a year later is a 65-inch wall-mounted monitor donated to the Primavera Foundation.

The monitor had been used in a TEP conference room but was no longer needed. Primavera installed the monitor in one of its Training Center conference rooms to improve staff planning, communications and information sharing.

“The monitor has been extremely helpful in so many ways!” Primavera’s CEO Peggy Hutchison wrote to us. “We have used it for Board Committee and Advisory Committee meetings; staff team meetings; national conference calls and zoom meetings; staff training and webinars; and other staff cross functional meetings, where, for example, the team looks at budget spread sheets or other visuals to discuss and make decisions.”

Making in-kind donations of used equipment is just one way that we help our community partners make a positive difference.

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