A solar powered phone charger at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

Many of us would be lost without our cell phones. When your battery is almost dead, finding an electrical outlet can become a critical mission.

If this happens when you’re at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, TEP has your back. We have installed a solar-powered phone charging kiosk with three electrical outlets near the museum’s visitors entrance.

Donated in part by NextEra Energy Resources and Trico Electric Cooperative, the charging kiosk was added at the same time that TEP was installing a 46-foot solar shade structure that we donated to the museum. The museum uses the solar structure to park and charge its golf carts.

The charging station features a semi-circular sitting wall and a canvas shade sail. A small solar panel mounted on the top of the station captures energy from the sun and converts it to electricity to power the outlets. A battery stores solar energy to power the outlets when the sun’s not shining.

“The cell phone charging station is a great way to promote solar energy,” said Ericca Suarez, TEP Renewables Project Manager. “It also provides a real convenience to museum patrons.”

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