A TEP supervisor was recently honored for his support of an employee’s military service, reflecting TEP’s ongoing commitment to our military and veteran community.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) recently recognized TEP’s Michael Strawn, Supervisor of Transmission & Distribution Engineering, as a Patriotic Employer. ESGR, a U.S. Department of Defense office, gives a series of awards, including the Patriot Award, to those who are supportive employers of service members. Learn more about the award.

TEP intern Brian Flores nominated Strawn, his supervisor, for supporting Flores’s military commitment. Flores serves as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Bulk Fuel Company A, based in Tucson.

A full-time University of Arizona student, Flores has been a student intern in Automation Engineering for more than a year, often working weekend shifts. As a reservist, Flores sometimes needs time off to carry out his commitment, including six weeks in the summer and once every other month on weekends.

As his civilian employer, Strawn adjusts Flores’ work schedule so he can carry out his military duties. Strawn’s grandfather, father, and brother all served, so Strawn said he understands the requirements of the military.

“I thought it was a great honor to receive such an award,” Strawn said about the award. “I support my guys in whatever they need to get done. For me, it’s easier for people to come to work when they know leadership is supporting what they need to do both at work and out of work.”

Flores gives plenty of notice to make the arrangement work, Strawn said. “Just whatever Brian needs to do, we support him. He’s a great, young guy and a great support system for our team.”

TEP actively recruits veterans, who make up 11 percent of our workforce. Learn more about our veterans’ career support.

Photo courtesy of ESGR’s Facebook page.

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