Tucson Electric Power encourages civic engagement and involvement in the local community and business sector through its longtime participation in Greater Tucson Leadership.

The 40-year-old program provides leadership training and community development, helping to make deeper connections locally. The program allows TEP and its employees to make a stronger impact in the region we serve.

“TEP has a sustained involvement with the organization. It’s important to us that we develop engaged, educated employees who are committed to making a difference outside of our work,” said Steven Eddy, TEP’s Manager of Government Relations.

Leadership Class

TEP regularly provides scholarships for employees to enroll in the group’s leadership class – a 10-month program in which participants learn about local issues and receive training in advocacy and effective leadership. Shea-Lynn Fernald, Volunteer Program Coordinator, recently joined the 2020-21 class as TEP’s representative.

Each class plans a major service project, such as developing a hygiene supply pantry for Tucson Unified School District students, building a community garden for a school or providing adaptive bicycles for children with special needs.

“You make connections that not only strengthen your work, but that help in serving the community at large,” said Camila Martins-Bekat, TEP External Affairs Representative, who recently graduated from the 2019-20 leadership class. “You also learn how to take a role in local and global issues that impact our community.”

Issues Days

In addition to sending employees to the leadership class, TEP sponsors and plans an “issue day” each session for the full class of 35-40 participants. TEP employees and alumni plan the event and invite public officials to speak. In October, TEP sponsored Government Day as the first session for the 2020-21 class, whose members met in a socially distant setting for virtual presentations by elected officials.

In previous years, TEP has hosted issue days at our Downtown Headquarters, which is currently closed to the public.

More than 1,000 leaders in the Tucson community have participated in leadership classes, which help participants expand their networking circles and inspire them to tackle some of Tucson’s key issues.

Even after the class ends, alumni stay connected to the program. Eddy previously served on Greater Tucson Leadership’s Board of Directors, while other employees assist with issues days and other programs.

Annual Gala

TEP is a sponsor of the Man and Woman of the Year and Founders Award Gala, hosted by Greater Tucson Leadership.

Many TEP employees have been recognized as Man or Woman of the Year by GTL and the Tucson Metro Chamber, which previously oversaw the awards. Past recipients include Larry Lucero, Betsy Bolding, Steve Lynn, Jay Gonzales and George Miraben, as well as Lisa Lovallo and Robert Elliott, local leaders who serve on the board of directors of TEP’s parent company, UNS Energy.

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