Not sure if an electric vehicle or rooftop solar are right for you? Is your pricing plan the best fit for your energy use habits? Need help finding more ways to save energy and money?

“Making decisions about managing energy can be complicated because there are so many variables and options to analyze,” said Julie Donavant, Principal of Energy Programs at Tucson Electric Power. “Our easy-to-use online tools make it easier for customers to make smart energy choices customized to their home, lifestyle and energy usage.”

Try one – or all of them – to help you manage energy usage more effectively and make smart choices tailored to your needs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Analysis Tool

This online tool helps you weigh the costs, potential savings and payback period for buying or leasing rooftop solar or signing up for TEP’s GoSolar Home or GoSolar Shares programs.

The analysis takes into consideration your home’s orientation, monthly energy usage, your pricing plan and available tax credits and incentives. It provides a detailed cost-benefit analysis that includes options for both leasing and buying a solar rooftop system. To use the tool, you must have at least 12 months of consecutive billing history with TEP to ensure the most accurate analysis.

EV Comparison Tool

Owning and driving an electric vehicle (EV) could reduce your fuel and maintenance costs and contribute to a cleaner environment. But is it economical for you? Our EV comparison tool gives you a side-by-side comparison of the potential short- and long-terms costs and savings of owning a conventional vehicle versus an EV.  It takes into consideration how many miles you drive and how much you spend a month on energy costs, as well as available incentives and tax credits. The tool will even help you find an EV model within your price range.

Home Energy Calculator

Just how energy efficient are you? Even if you’ve made some improvements, you could be missing opportunities to save even more. By answering a few questions about your home and energy usage, our calculator provides an energy analysis. It will show the biggest energy users in your home, recommend ways to save more energy and calculate your projected cost savings from these measures.

Home Energy Report

Signing up for this program is a first step to energy savings. After taking a brief survey, you’ll receive a report on your home’s energy usage and practical, customized ways to make your home more efficient. Plus, you’ll receive monthly reports with your home’s energy savings and useful tips. Just for signing up, you will receive a free LED light bulb kit to get you started.

Pricing Planner

This tool analyzes your past 12 months of energy usage to determine which of TEP’s four residential pricing plans might work best for you: Basic, Time-of-Use (TOU), Demand TOU and Peak Demand TOU.

If you can avoid using a lot of energy during on-peak times when the demand for energy is the highest, a TOU plan could lower your monthly bills. While our tool can’t guarantee future savings, it’s a good way to see which pricing plan might work best for you. You can even change your plan right from the tool.

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