Tucson Electric Power offers customers a number of free ways to make paying their electric bills more convenient.

On tep.com, you can sign up for Budget Billing, Auto Pay and TEP e-bill.

Budget Billing

Pay the same amount every month with Budget Billing.

Budget Billing determines an equal monthly payment based primarily on your previous 12 months of billing history, allowing you to better manage your finances. Because your bill can vary widely from season to season, Budget Billing makes it easier for you to budget for an entire year.

Customers enrolled in Budget Billing continue to receive a monthly bill that includes how much energy was used, the amount billed and the current account balance. The monthly payment amount may be adjusted periodically to reflect changes in usage; customers can request a review anytime.

Ultimately, you’ll only pay for the energy you use.

Auto Pay

Auto Pay eases any worry about late or missed electric bill payments by automatically deducting the monthly amount due from a customer’s provided checking or savings account. There’s no check to write or mail and no late fees or notices.

Customers on Auto Pay continue to receive their monthly TEP bill, which includes the due date of the payment. The payment then is automatically withdrawn and itemized on the customer’s next bank statement.

With Auto Pay, there’s no sign-up cost or monthly transaction fee.

“Auto Pay is ideal for customers who don’t want to worry about manually paying their bills,” said Brian Bub, TEP’s Customer Care Manager.

TEP e-bill

With TEP e-bill, customers receive an email notification that includes a link to their billing statement on tep.com.

This electronic bill looks like the paper version, and interactive links provide access to other customer communications.

Participating customers can make or schedule payments while logged into their account on tep.com.

The service is free for customers who pay from their checking or savings accounts; a small fee is assessed for credit card payments.

Bub recommends that customers take advantage of all three services.

“Budget Billing, Auto Pay and TEP e-bill make paying your monthly bill much easier,” he said. “All of these services are convenient — and free — for our customers.”

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