We work year round to upgrade and strengthen our circuits – the subsections of our local energy grid – to provide a resilient, reliable service for our customers. Now you can see when and where our crews will be working on some of our larger projects in your neighborhood by visiting a new page on our website.

The web page includes a list of construction projects that are organized by location throughout our service area. Each project includes a general description about the nature of the work, estimated start and end times and any potential impact to nearby customers. Each project is shown as a shaded area on a map.

“Our crews work 365 days a year to reinforce our electrical distribution infrastructure by inspecting, repairing and upgrading the lines, poles and other equipment in our service territory, which spans 1,155 square miles,” said Carlet Castro, Manager of Transmission & Distribution. “It’s important that our customers are informed of when our work might take us into their neighborhoods.”

These upgrades and improvements strengthen our local grid so that it’s able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as sweltering heat and violent storms. This helps to reduce power outages and ensure safe, reliable service now and for years to come.

These projects range from preventive and routine maintenance and equipment upgrades to expanding our system to support new developments and serve our community’s growing energy needs.

Some projects can be completed without interrupting service. If an outage is necessary for us to complete the work, TEP will notify the affected customers.

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists should always proceed with caution through these work zones. TEP has invested approximately $1.2 billion over the last five years to maintain and improve service while transitioning to cleaner, greener energy portfolio.

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