Electronics are popular gifts during the holidays, but there’s no need to spend big bucks on expensive items to make a lasting impression. You’ll find some great energy-saving gift ideas at discounted prices or with special deals in the online TEP Marketplace. Here are five clever gift ideas that will help the recipient save money without breaking your budget*.

  1. Energy Saving Entertainment: Big screen TVs, gaming systems and set-top boxes can consume a lot of energy, even in “stand by” mode. The TrickleStar 4-Outlet PowerTap, for use with a TV home entertainment system, is a smart surge protector that saves energy by reducing active power wasted by the TV when left on but not in use. It can help you save money on wasted energy and help prolong the life of your electronics. $21.98
  2. Energy Use Monitor: The TrickleStar Plug-in Energy Monitor is like a biofeedback monitor for your energy use! It helps you understand how much energy appliances use and identifies energy hogs so you can adjust your consumption. Simply plug it into and track your energy usage on the display screen. It can also serve as a great learning tool to teach your children about energy efficiency. Added bonus: The monitor also acts as a surge protector. $26.98
  3. Mini Power Saving Plug: The Belkin Conserve Socket Timer is like a mini power strip. It helps you save energy and stay safe by automatically shutting off power to a plugged in device or appliance after a timed interval you set. Use it on everyday electronics that you might accidently leave on – chargers, curling irons, coffee makers and clothes irons. This socket timer slays phantom energy draw, ensuring zero energy use when it’s turned off. $17.98
  4. Auto On-Off Switch: How often does your family forget to turn off the lights when they leave the room? The Intermatic Occupancy Sensing Wall Switch White detects occupancy and vacancy in a room and automatically turns the lights on when someone enters and off when they leave. This helps you save money and keeps you safer, with no more stumbling in the dark. The time delay period and the sensitivity level are both adjustable. The switch, switch plate cover, and mounting screws are all included. $29.98
  5. Indoor Air Cleaner: Who wouldn’t appreciate cleaner indoor air? The Honeywell Tabletop Air Purifier creates a comfortable breathing environment by capturing and removing dust, pollen, smoke and other irritants from the air inside your home. It features HEPA filtration, three air-cleaning levels and an electronic reminder to change the filter. $54.75

So skip the shopping madness on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and scoop up some great deals on these energy-saving products in the TEP Marketplace. Shop at your leisure from the comfort of your own home. And don’t forget to check yourself off your list by investing in a new smart thermostat for your home. Look for our pop-up holiday deals on select items.

“Our Marketplace offers a wide range of innovative products featuring the latest technology that aren’t only energy efficient, but can greatly improve comfort and safety in a home,” said Edith Garcia, TEP Energy Efficiency Program Manager. “These make great unexpected gifts that will deliver daily benefits and truly be appreciated.”

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