Treat your workplace to the gift of energy savings and efficiency this holiday season.

TEP can help you create a more sustainable workplace with programs, rebates and discounts. Businesses, nonprofit groups, schools and other organizations can qualify for measures that enhance energy efficiency and productivity.

Consider sharing these opportunities with your employees and customers.

Holiday Decorations

Add some sparkle to your work area with LED holiday lights.

ENERGY STAR® certified LED strand lights and spotlights use 75 percent less energy than conventional strings, bringing big savings. Plus, they last 10 times longer than traditional strands, while also being more durable and shock resistant. Find more decorative lighting tips from ENERGY STAR.


Enjoy savings all year by installing energy-efficient lights. ENERGY STAR fixtures use up to 25 percent less energy and distribute light more efficiently and evenly than traditional lighting.

TEP makes it simple for businesses and local contractors to purchase LED lights by partnering with local storefronts.


Buy and plant a discounted shade tree for your workplace to enhance your landscape and beautify your surroundings. Trees help conserve energy by keeping our buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, as well as by reducing urban heat.

TEP’s Trees for You program allows business customers to purchase 15-gallon shade trees for a discounted price of $15 each. To order a tree, log into My Account.

Find tips and learn about the benefits of tree planting on our Trees for You webpage.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Give your customers and employees a boost for their electric vehicles.

TEP makes it easier by helping businesses install on-site EV charging stations with our Smart EV Charging program. Rebates can cover as much as 85 percent of the project costs for businesses, multi-family housing complexes, educational institutions and nonprofit agencies that purchase chargers.

Learn about options and how to sign up for our EV charger program.

Energy-Efficient Products

TEP provides rebates for a wide variety of upgrades and products – from window shades to programmable thermostats – for businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations.

Depending on the size of your business or project, TEP can connect you with approved local contractors or provide experts to help you qualify for rebates or offset initial costs to carry out upgrades.

Learn more about our Commercial Energy Solutions program.

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