TEP is making it easier for local businesses to save on energy-efficient lighting by helping them buy directly from more local storefronts.

Our Fast Checkout program recently added new lighting sellers who can give instant rebates to businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and contractors when purchasing qualified lighting products.

That way, customers can get discounts up front as they upgrade their businesses instead of having to wait for rebates. LED lighting also leads to long-term savings on customers’ energy bills.

“The whole concept is that every business, regardless of size, can participate in this program,” said Jessica Berry, TEP Supervisor of Energy Programs. “It eliminates the extra step in processing a rebate. More importantly, it helps small business owners’ projects come to fruition because they can garner savings at the time of purchase.”

Dyna-Brite Lighting recently began offering rebates through the program. As of early August, Dyna-Brite had already helped three local businesses – a robotics manufacturer, a college bookstore and a solar company.

Aaron Marsh, Dyna-Brite’s Branch Manager, was eager to join the Fast Checkout program to gain a competitive advantage.

“It’s going well and we’re excited about it,” Marsh said. “I think it’s going to make a big difference in our business and a big difference for our customers, who will reap the benefits.”

Marsh said he always stresses to customers that they won’t have to deal with lengthy paperwork. “You just have to pay a lower price. How does that sound?” Marsh said he tells customers.

A wide range of customers have taken advantage of lighting rebates in recent months, ranging from hardware and automotive businesses to hotels and furniture stores.

In 2019, the first lighting business to join TEP’s Fast Checkout program was Arizona Commercial Lighting, 1436 E. 17th Street in Tucson, (520) 322-9611

Other Tucson-area sellers in the program are:

  • Dyna-Brite Lighting, 950 S. Campbell Ave. in Tucson, 520-882-4404
  • Independent Electric, 777 E. MacArthur Circle Suite 161 in Tucson, 520-908-7900
  • Grainger Industrial Supply, 3415 S. Dodge Blvd. in Tucson, 1-800-472-4643 (coming soon)

Learn more about the Fast Checkout program and other rebates for business customers.

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