TEP now offers residential customers a rebate for the purchase and installation of a qualified home electric vehicle charger (EVC), making EV ownership more affordable.

Customers can receive a rebate of up to $500 for a qualified two-way communicating EVC or up to $250 for a one-way, non-communicating EVC. TEP’s rebate will cover 75 percent of the purchase and installation cost.

Customers can receive a rebate for each EVC they install, up to the number of highway-approved battery or plug-in hybrid EVs they own. Rebates will be issued as a credit on their TEP account.

“TEP is excited to offer new incentives that promote the deployment and use of electric vehicles because of the many economic and environmental benefits they generate,” said Francisco Castro, Manager of Demand Side Management Programs & Services. “The use of EVs eliminates tailpipe emissions, reduces our carbon footprint and provides cleaner air for a greener, healthier community.”

New Level 2 or higher EVCs that are installed by a licensed contractor with proper permitting qualify for the rebate. Proof of purchase of the EVC and a copy of the EV registration are required. To qualify for the rebate, customers must be on a Time-of-Use or Demand Time-of-Use pricing plan and remain on it for two years.

For more information and to apply for an EVC Rebate, fill out our online form.

TEP offers EV owners a 5 percent discount on some energy charges during off-peak hours. The company will soon offer new discounted rates to encourage EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight. We’re also planning to provide an incentive for homebuilders to pre-install wiring in new construction homes to accommodate EVCs.

In addition to incentives offered by TEP, EV owners can take advantage of state tax incentives, a reduced vehicle license tax and federal tax credits of up to $7,500  for the purchase of a new plug-in EV.

TEP is charging ahead to plan and develop a new modern electric infrastructure to support the use of EVs. Our efforts are focused on raising public awareness of EV technology and working with other state utilities and transportation providers to develop a network of highway charging stations.

We also are assisting commercial customers with the introduction of EVs to their fleets.

TEP is providing technical and infrastructure support to the Sun Tran transit system and the City of Tucson Police Department to help them bring electric vehicles into their fleets.

“TEP is proud to serve as an energy advisor for our customers to help them transition to electric vehicles,” said Ray Martinez, Principal of TEP’s Emerging Technology & Innovations Team. “Our new programs along with our growing renewable energy portfolio will support a safe, reliable and affordable EV infrastructure that promises many environmental benefits to customers and our community.”

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