Our online Clean Energy Tracker now can show just how much progress Tucson Electric Power has made toward building a cleaner, greener grid.

“We updated the Clean Energy Tracker to provide customers with more meaningful historical data,” said Ted Burhans, Director of Emerging Technology & Innovation at Tucson Electric Power. “It’s now possible to compare output from our renewables with customers’ energy usage over time.”

The tracker shows how many megawatts (MW) are being produced by each of our 16 community-scale solar arrays and three wind farms, including our new Oso Grande wind farm in southeast New Mexico. It also includes our new Wilmot Energy Center in Tucson, which includes a 100-MW solar array and 30-MW battery energy storage system – each the largest of their kind on TEP’s local energy grid. The addition of those two resources this year nearly doubled our total generation from renewable energy. Data displayed on the tracker is updated every three minutes.

TEP’s latest  Integrated Resource Plan shows the path we’ll follow to reduce our reliance on coal and generate 70 percent of our power from renewables by 2035 while reducing carbon emissions by 80 percent.

Our current renewable power portfolio includes 330 MW of wind power and 599 MW of solar power. That’s enough to meet the annual electric needs of more than 235,000 homes.

“When we launched our online Clean Energy Tracker four years ago, it showed the amount of solar and wind energy we were currently generating and over a 24-hour period,” explained Bryan Rosenbaum, TEP Web Communications Specialist. “Now customers can look back and see days of historical high renewable energy production as well as how much energy was used on those days. The addition of the historical data tells a much more complete story about our renewable journey.”

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