Desert Dweller Energy Efficiency

Tucson’s dry desert climate has its own particular set of opportunities — and challenges — when it comes to energy efficiency. For extra cooling in the summer, think back to those early desert dwellers who lived here without the benefit of air conditioning. “If you take a step back, shading is the oldest strategy. Before

TEP’s Longstanding Culture of Volunteerism

Tucson Electric Power employees and their family members and friends committed more than 24,500 hours of their personal time to community service in 2014, carrying on the company’s longstanding culture of volunteerism. The hours benefited approximately 235 organizations such as the Primavera Foundation, where TEP employees prepared meals for the men’s shelter, and the Boys

Join Our Fight Against Copper Theft

Tucson Electric Power is taking a stand against copper theft. Electrical system copper theft causes power outages, increases the cost of supplying safe, reliable electricity to our customers, and has the potential to cause serious injury or death. Copper thieves have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to TEP’s facilities — costs ultimately

Proactive Repairs, Reliable Power

To maintain a reliable power grid, Tucson Electric Power conducts an ongoing Critical Circuit Patrol, using advanced data analysis to identify equipment most in need of proactive repairs. In the last three years, we have patrolled, repaired or replaced more than 450 miles of TEP’s most critical power lines, replaced nearly 150 power poles and

Support Local Solar Energy

Tucson Electric Power customers can choose to support local solar energy with TEP’s Bright Tucson Community Solar program. Under the program, launched in February 2011, customers purchase 150-kilowatt-hour blocks of solar energy generated at sites throughout TEP’s service territory. For up to 20 years, these customers receive a fixed energy rate for the portion of

CFL Energy Savings Add Up

Tucson Electric Power’s energy-efficient lighting program exceeded its goals on the way to a record year in 2013. TEP partners with manufacturers to sell compact fluorescent light bulbs at a steep discount through local retailers. This program was responsible for putting more than 1.4 million energy-efficient bulbs into customers’ homes in 2013, said Daniel Hogan,

Career Center Launches on

Interested in a career in the energy industry? The new Career Center on offers more than just job openings — it’s a resource for information about working at Tucson Electric Power and in the utility business. TEP Human Resources leveraged the company’s affiliation with the National Center for Energy Workforce Development to give depth