Tucson Electric Power recognized Coronado K-8 School teacher Robin Resley last month as the longest serving teacher participating in our program to educate students about energy conservation and sustainability.

The sixth-grade teacher has championed energy conservation since 2013. She has been a strong partner for TEP’s Bright Students program, which employs innovative tools and hands-on activities to inspire the next generation of energy-conscious citizens.

With 11 TEP Bright Student classroom visits under her belt, Resley has taught more than 1,500 students about the importance of conserving energy and how to take practical steps to be energy efficient.

For making the TEP Bright Students demonstration an annual tradition at the school, Resley received a certificate of appreciation, along with a gift basket filled with a $100 gift card and school supplies to support her academic efforts. The basket also included energy efficiency products.

“The Bright Student program sparks my students’ curiosity,” Resley said. “This leads to meaningful discussions and collaboration about being careful stewards of precious resources.”

America Miranda, a Program Manager for Energy Programs at TEP, said teachers are key to the success of the Bright Students program. “We are incredibly grateful for the tireless efforts of our partner teachers,” she said. “Mrs. Resley’s commitment to educating students on energy conservation is invaluable in our mission to create a more sustainable future for our communities.”

Launched in 2009, TEP’s Bright Students program educates thousands of middle-school students each year through interactive presentations and engaging activities.

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