Two of Tucson Electric Power’s new residential pricing plans charge less for energy during “off-peak” hours, which include most weekday hours and all day on weekends and major holidays.

With our Time-of-Use and Demand Time-of-Use pricing plans, you can save money when you shift a majority of your usage away from the few “on-peak” hours when our customers use energy the most.

Time-of-Use offers lower energy charges most of the day, on weekends and on major holidays, but higher rates during on-peak hours when customers typically use the most energy.

Demand Time-of-Use combines our lowest off-peak usage rates with higher on-peak rates and a “demand” charge based on your highest individual hour of usage during on-peak periods.

On a time-of-use plan, you can do more than just lower your energy costs. You also help reduce the peak demand on TEP’s system and contribute to a more sustainable energy future for everyone.

Follow these tips to shift your usage to off-peak time periods:

  • Operate washing machines, dishwashers and other large appliances during off-peak hours.
  • Adjust your thermostat to reduce heating and cooling during on-peak hours or when you are not at home.
  • Set timers on pool and spa pumps to run during off-peak hours.
  • Turn off all but essential lights during on-peak hours.
  • Enjoy electricity-consuming hobbies during the off-peak hours.
  • If you have an electric vehicle, charge it during off-peak hours.

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