Solar System  |  Spingerville, AZ

SGSSS (Springerville Generating Station Solar System) is a 6.4-megawatt PV system in northeastern Arizona.

TEP expanded the original 4.6-megawatt Springerville system at the end of 2010 by adding an additional 1.8-megawatt solar field.

The combined systems generate enough electricity to power about 1,024 homes.

Fact Sheet
Springerville 4.6 MW (Original)

Fact Sheet
Springerville 1.8 MW (Expansion)

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Cumulative Energy Output

Peak Power

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System Details

Combined System (Original and Expansion) Details
Total Array Coverage Area64 acres
Number of PV Arrays - Fixed at 34 Degrees Tilt48
Total Number of PV Modules43,380
Total PV DC Array Capacity Rating (STC)6,480 kW
Total System AC Rating5,324 kW
Expected 2011 Annual Net AC Energy Production9,748 MWh
Average Annual Energy Yield1,504 kWh/kW DC