Commercial Program Process

The TEP Business Energy Solutions team has simplified and streamlined the process for participating in the program to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of our incentives.

Process Overview

  1. Select a contractor from our list of Trade Allies.
  2. The contractor will provide an overview of the Program. The customer and the contractor will agree on the work to be done and the contractor will identify the upgrades that qualify for incentives.
  3. Submit a Pre-approval Application. Pre-approval is required on all projects prior to work beginning. Applications submitted for pre-approval will be reviewed for completeness and program eligibility. If approved, a notice of pre-approval will be sent and project funds will be reserved.
  4. Complete the work while meeting project specifications and program guidelines.
  5. Submit a completed and signed Final Application with all documentation and completed measure worksheets within 60 days of the project completion.
  6. Receive your incentive check within 6 weeks of Final Application approval.

Part 1: Rebate ApplicationContains option for both Pre- and Final Application.

Part 2: Measure Worksheets

    • Compressed Air — For projects with VSD air compressors or zero loss condensate drains. Updated 1/1/2024
    • Energy Management Systems (EMS) — For projects with HVAC energy management systems. Updated 1/1/2024
    • Exhaust Systems — For projects with commercial kitchen demand control ventilation or high efficiency low flow fume hoods. Updated 1/1/2024
    • HVAC — For projects with HVAC cooling replacements, controls, heat pump water heaters, window file and shade screens. Updated 1/1/2024
    • HVAC Tune-Up/Advanced Diagnostic Tune-Up — These projects consist of an air conditioning equipment performance test with program approved specialized test equipment, tune-up with repairs and a test-out. Refrigerant charge and air flow verification, belt replacement (if applicable), air filter change, condenser coil cleaning with a non-acidic chemical, evaporator coil cleaning (as needed), cleaning condensate drain lines, electrical connections checked and tightened, economizer functional testing, and any repairs required to bring the system back to the manufacturer's specifications.
    • Lighting — For projects with lighting controls, HIDs, some LED lights, exit signs, delamping, induction, cold cathodes, pulse start metal halides and traffic lights.  Updated 1/1/2024
    • Motors — For premium motors, green motor rewinds, and variable frequency drives. Updated 1/1/2024
    • Power Management — For projects with computer software power management systems and smart power strips. Updated 1/1/2024
    • Refrigeration — For projects with refrigeration lighting, high efficiency motors, condensers, compressors. Updated 1/1/2024
    • System Test Repair — For projects with Advanced Diagnostic Tune Up, Economizer Repair, and Duct Test and Repair. Note: this Measure requires a contractor with specific training, certifications, and testing equipment. Please email or call us.

    Room Count

    Please download and use this room count for lighting application submissions. A room count sheet is required on all projects over 30 fixtures and all de-lamping projects.


    Only TEP customers on these commercial pricing plans are eligible to participate in this program:

    Description Rate Code
    Small General Service Basic TGSGS
    Small General Service Peak Demand TGSGSD
    Small General Service Time-of-Use TGSGST
    Small General Service Demand Time-of-Use TGSGSDT
    Medium General Service TGMGS
    Medium General Service Transition TGMGSC
    Medium General Service Time-of-Use TGMGST
    Medium General Service Time-of-Use Transition TGMGSCT
    Medium General Service Comparison Net Metering TGMGSCQF
    Large General Service TGLGS
    Large General Service Time-of-Use TGLGST
    Large General Service Time-of-Use TILGST
    Large Power Service Time-of-Use TILPST
    Large Power Service Time-of-Use High Voltage TILPSTHV
    Traffic Signal and Street Lighting Service TPTSL
    Water Pumping Service TGGSWP

    For customers with multiple facilities, all their facilities must have the plans listed above for any of them to qualify for incentives.

    If a single premise exceeds $600,000 in incentives during the program year all incentives above $600,000 will be paid at 50% of the normal incentive.

    Please refer to the Equipment Specifications for details about equipment eligible for incentives.