As a reminder, a completed final application package with all supporting documentation must be submitted by December 15, 2023. Completed final application packages received after December 15, 2023 will be considered for the 2024 Program Year and subject to 2024 incentives.

  • A completed final application package with all supporting documentation includes copies of all itemized and paid invoices detailing the specific equipment purchased and manufacturer specifications for the specific equipment installed.

Custom Program

TEP’s Business Energy Solutions Custom Program provides rebates to help businesses reduce the upfront cost of energy-efficient equipment, including lighting, HVAC systems, motors and compressors. The Custom Program provides extra flexibility and savings to businesses of any size wishing to install their own projects.

Applying for a rebate is easy as 1-2-3-4-5

  1. Submit Pre-Approval Application and required supporting documentation.
  2. Customer receives a letter confirming that funding has been reserved for their project.
  3. Customer Installs equipment as specified in the reservation letter.
  4. Customer submits a Final Application before the end date for their reserved funding, within 60 days of project completion, or the December 1, 2023 program end date, whichever occurs first.
  5. Rebates are processed within 4-6 weeks after all documentation is received, the final review is completed and a post-inspection (if required) is conducted.
Tucson Electric Power: Program Application

Program Application

Learn how to participate in the Custom Program, including process overview and eligibility.