K–12 Schools Trade Allies

Our K–12 Schools program encourages eligible schools to maximize their energy efficiency by offering rebates for upgrading existing equipment using an approved Trade Ally contractor. Contractors are responsible for completing all documentation associated with obtaining the rebates.

Apply to become a K–12 Schools Trade Ally

TEP is currently recruiting and training potential K–12 Schools Trade Allies. If you are a licensed contractor in the State of Arizona and would like to participate in our program, please complete and submit the application provided below.

Submit the completed application via email to: teptradeally@franklinenergy.com

Please note: The information provided in the “Company Information” section of the application will be used in the K–12 Schools Trade Ally Listing.

Application Review Process

Below is the process for our review of applications for K–12 Trade Allies. If any information is missing or incomplete, we will contact you to request the needed information:

  1. Review the application
  2. Verify the information provided
  3. Contact the listed references
  4. Applicant is notified of approval or if additional information is needed

Upon verification of information, your company name and contact information will be added to the TEP Trade Ally List. Company information provided on the application will be used for the listing.


Approved K–12 Schools Trade Allies may be required to complete training. If training is needed, contractors will be contacted with details.

Free Rebate Assessment

These free assessments help our customers identify energy-saving opportunities and potential rebates for qualifying schools, and nonprofit organizations.