Energy efficiency plays a strategic role in meeting long-term energy needs, supporting clean energy and reducing our need for additional energy resources.

Enter Tucson Electric Power’s energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers. They’re designed to help our customers save energy and keep our rates affordable for everyone.

Embracing energy efficiency also reduces emissions and water usage, contributes to cleaner air and conserves natural resources. From 2011-2022, our customers partnered with us to achieve cumulative lifetime savings of about 20.2 million tons of CO2 emissions, 9,669 million gallons of water and 21 million megawatt hours of electricity.

“By conserving energy, customers can make their homes and businesses safer, more comfortable and more efficient, potentially resulting in immediate and long-term energy cost savings,” said Edith Garcia, Senior Program Manager. “As their energy partner, we’re here to help them do that.”

You can join us on our sustainability journey by taking advantage of the many programs, services and incentive TEP offers:

  • Educational Outreach – Our Bright Students, Safetyland and Renewable Students programs help students learn about energy, renewable resources, electrical safety and energy efficiency. These programs provide teachers, parents and students with valuable teaching tools that help educate youngsters about important energy topics.
  • Business Energy Solutions – TEP offers commercial and industrial businesses, schools and nonprofit groups attractive rebates for installing high-efficiency lighting, refrigeration and AC/heating units, motors and drives, controls and other measures.
  • Efficient Home Program – Residential customers can receive rebates from TEP when they have a participating contractor install an energy-efficient AC/heating unit or perform duct sealing and an AC tune-up. Higher incentives are offered for early replacement of older but still-working AC/units. Rebates also are available on smart thermostats.
  • Electric Vehicle Home Charger Rebates – Residential EV owners can claim a rebate that covers much of the cost of purchasing a qualified Level 2 or DC fast charging port. The rebate is given as a credit on the customer’s account.
  • Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Program – TEP offers rebates to commercial customers, multifamily housing complexes, schools and nonprofit groups that purchase and install Level 2 or DC fast charging stations for use by their employees, residents or the public. The program is designed to support the development of EV charging infrastructure, including in underserved low-income areas.
  • Energy Smart Homes – Thinking of building or buying a newly built home? Consider an Energy Smart Home from a builder participating in our Energy Smart Homes program. These high efficiency homes use 15-30 percent less energy than standard construction homes. They also offer greater comfort, safety and durability for long-term savings and enjoyment.
  • ENERGY STAR® Lighting Program – Through our partnerships with manufacturers, customers can purchase discounted LED bulbs from local retailers with instant rebates from TEP. Swapping out your traditional bulbs for LEDs can significantly reduce your lighting energy costs.
  • Home Energizer Workshops – This 45-minute online workshop educates homeowners about the largest uses of energy in a typical home and provides low-cost ways to save energy.
  • Marketplace – The TEP Marketplace allows our customers to purchase a wide range of products at competitive or discounted prices that can help them save energy and money. Products include AC window units, humidifiers, air purifiers, smart thermostats and lighting controls.
  • Multi-family Housing – This program offers multifamily complexes rebates for the installation energy-efficient AC/heating systems, duct-sealing and AC tune-ups performed by TEP-approved contractors. Multi-family units also may be eligible for free LED light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators for installation by the property management.
  • New Construction Program – TEP provides incentives to commercial customers who complete an energy assessment and design energy-efficient features into the construction of new facilities or major renovation projects.
  • Pool Pump Program – Rebates are offered to residential customers who replace their single-speed pool pump with an ENERGY STAR variable-speed pool pump through a TEP participating pool professional.
  • School Energy Efficiency Program – Starting as a pilot program in 2016, our School Energy Efficiency Program offers schools within our service area incentives for lighting and other upgrades. More than 138 schools have benefited from the program since it began.
  • Smart Thermostat Rebates – Customers purchasing up to two qualifying smart thermostats receive a rebate that is applied to their account.
  • Trees for You – TEP partners with local nurseries to offer free or discounted shade trees to homeowners, schools, neighborhoods and community groups, helping them save energy, stay cooler in summer and beautify the community. Since 1992, TEP has distributed about 165,000 shade trees.
  • Weatherization Assistance – Working through our partner agencies, TEP offers free home energy efficiency improvements and retrofits to qualified low-income customers. This program helps to reduce energy costs while improving safety and comfort.
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