We’re making it easier and less expensive to improve energy efficiency at your workplace through our revamped Business Energy Solutions program.

TEP offers incentives and rebates to upgrade equipment at businesses or institutions of any size, including nonprofit organizations, schools or government agencies.

“If you are starting from scratch or fixing up an existing facility, we have programs that can be customized to fit your specifications,” said Edith Garcia, Senior Program Manager in Energy Efficiency Programs and Services. “We’re here to support your workplace in meeting the energy needs of your employees and customers.”

This year, we’ve enlisted with a new partner, Franklin Energy, to administer our program and work directly with local businesses for energy-efficiency projects. We’ll be working together to help support efficient upgrades of equipment including lighting, HVAC systems, motors, and compressors.

Want to get started?

An easy way to find out what you need is by using our Free Rebate Assessment. This program helps customers identify energy-saving opportunities and available rebates for qualified businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations.

Learn about potential savings at your facility by filling out this form. A team member will contact you with details to get started.

Know what you need?

If you have already figured out the upgrades you’d like, choose the program that fits your location.

Our Commercial Program makes it easy and cost-effective to upgrade lighting, refrigeration, controls and HVAC systems. Participants are required to use a TEP-approved contractor for installation services to receive rebates.

The Custom Program provides flexibility and savings to businesses that prefer to install their own projects.

For lighting needs, the Fast Checkout Program allows customers to get instant rebates by purchasing from local storefronts that participate in our Fast Checkout Program. Find a list of four locations and details about Fast Checkout.

Starting a new facility?

The New Construction Program provides customers with incentives for constructing energy-efficient buildings.

Customers can try our Whole Building Design Approach for projects that integrate high-performance design into new buildings. Incentives are available for projects that meet certain standards and are at least 10 percent more energy efficient than regular buildings.

For less complex projects, customers can use the Systems Approach to optimize energy efficiency for different phases or parts of a building.

What about schools?

The K–12 Schools Program is designed to encourage schools to make energy-efficient equipment upgrades to reduce energy usage and costs. Rebates are available for upgrades on lighting, refrigeration, controls and HVAC systems.

Learn more how we support schools as business partners.

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